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“How to ‘Tag’ or Make A ‘Hyperlink’ That People Can Click On That Takes Them to Your Business Page, website or Blog”

Have you noticed those blue words in the posts that people are sharing?   You might have noticed that they are a person’s name or business page. We call this ‘Tagging’.  When you click on the blue words you will be magically transported to that Google+ page (tagging) or a website or blog or other URL. By tagging a person or business page that person/page is also notified. This makes it easy for you to see who is talking about you. As a result, you can create a conversation on their post.

How can you “tag” your posts or create “hyperlinks” that take people to the URLs you would like them to go to when you are posting on other Google +, FB pages, or your own?


This is how you can tag a person or page on Google+.  When you are ready to ‘tag’a person or business page in a post, simply click on the + sign and start typing the name of the person, or business page without leaving a space. You should see a drop down menu appear where you can mouse over and than click on the name or page that you want to tag. It will turn blue.

 If you are on Facebook, look at the number 2 on your keyboard you will see the @. This is what you will be using to tag people or pages there. When you are making your comment, add the @ right before the person’s name or business. A drop down menu will become visible as soon as you type in the @ and add the first letter of their name or business. (That is if Facebook is working right at that moment) You can also tag your own page in a comment.


You can also choose to leave your name and a hyperlink that takes people to your website or blog or any URL (you can even use the URL for your FB apps this way!) Like tagging, the words will turn blue and people can click on them to go to where you would like to send them. To do this, add the full URL. For example, if I wanted to send people to a website it would be http://www.nameofwebsite.com/  You can add your website or blog in any post.

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