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Your Posts Are Conversations. Is Anybody Talking?

Do your posts encouage people to talk to you.  If not, no one will read them. 

If you were talking to a friend by having them listen to you read your post out loud , how would they respond to you? Are you making statements that are boring and do not offer them a chance to respond? Your goal is to get people to talk to you on your posts.

Practice the Golden Rule of Posting. 70% of your posts should be interesting, useful, informative, or entertaining. 30%  should be posts that you are sharing from other people and business pages, and 10% (less really is better) of your posts can promote your business or service.  

Your goal will be to get people to respond to your posts, regardless of what type they are.  It is up to you to find a ways to get people to talk more to you on your posts. You can ask questions, or what ever works, to get them to interact more with you.

As with any conversation you start with your posts, you will need to remember to respond back to anybody who comments on it. Especially as you are starting to build your business page.  Each response is a chance to create a relationship that may lead to a important business connection or sale. It also makes the person who has taken the time to comment feel that they have value. (As your business page grows you may find that you have so many responses that you can now answer all of them.  When this happens, focus on the questions that people are asking and respond to them)

Respond  back to those who have comment on your post by thanking that person for their comment. If they are using their business page, remember to “tag” their page or add the full URL so that they are promoted when you respond. This way, you have created a link to their page that other people can click on and supported their business at the same time they are supporting yours by their taking the time to post.  If you are in a group you will only be able to tag that persons profile or type in the name of their business.

You should also “like” any comments that other people add to the comment you have shared.

This is also how your posts will go “viral” across the newsfeeds. You post will show up in the newsfeeds of anyone who comments on it, “likes” it our shares it.  They will also show up on yours.  As a result, other people on the newsfeeds will notice that your posts are popular and will become visible to those who are looking for what you have to offer.

What can you do to improve your conversations?