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"How to ‘Tag’ or Make A ‘Hyperlink’ That People Can Click On That Takes Them to Your FB Business Page, website or Blog"

Have you noticed those blue words in posts? When you click on them, you will be magically transported to that FB page (tagging) or a website or blog or other URL.

How can you “tag” your posts or create “hyperlinks” that take people to the URLs you would like them to go to when you are posting on other FB pages, or your own?


 This is how you can tag on Facebook. If you look at the number 2 on your keyboard you will see the @. This is what you will be using to tag comments. When you are making your comment, add the @ right before the person’s name or business. A drop down menu will become visible as soon as you type in the @ and add the first letter of their name or business. (That is if Facebook is working right at that moment) You can also tag your own page in a comment.

You might have noticed that I add the person’s name, and the tag for their pages name when I respond to any comments that they make on HTMYHB. I also sign my posts on my business pages with my name ~Randi. So that people associate my name with my business pages.

If you want to tag your FB business page, or someone else’s, you would post as ~yourname @thenameof yourbusiness page. This is how I do it. ~Randi, and then I add two of the @ @. After the last @ I add my FB business page as the tag. It looks like this once I submit the comment. ~Randi @How to Market Your Horse Business. That way people who see the magic blue words can click right on them to go to my page. (they can also click on the profile photo, but most people do not seem to think of that…)

You can also choose to leave your name and a hyperlink that takes people to your website or blog or any URL (you can even use the URL for your FB apps this way!) Like tagging, the words will turn blue and people can click on them to go to where you would like to send them. To do this, add the full URL. For example, if I wanted to send people to a website it would be http://www.nameofwebsite.com/ You can add your website or blog in any post. If you are signing off the comment with it, make sure you add your name with it. ~yourname of http://www.nameofyourwebsite.com/ This adds to your branding and people will begin to associate your name with your business. It’s easy to do and gives you a more professional image.

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